We utilise a wide range of processing machines and techniques, allowing us to use virtually any type of plastic to form even the most challenging shapes and sizes. Our mission is to produce your desired end product in the most efficient way and according to your specifications. Where necessary, we can provide your products with measurement reports and corresponding material certificates. Your products can also be cleaned to the desired class in-house.

CNC Milling

As well as 3-axis milling machines, we also have several 5-axis machines. This makes it possible to machine products on five sides simultaneously in one setup. In addition to time savings, the most important advantage of this is increased accuracy. Many of our machines are equipped with a vacuum bed, allowing us to offer specific flatnesses and longer products. We machine 'dry' on every machine. This means that the use of liquids (oil products), which are frequently prohibited in finishing and cleanroom procedures, can be avoided.

CNC Turning

HQ Plastics has 2-axis turning machines with driven tools. This makes turn/milling combinations possible and allows products to come off the machine in one go without being rechucked. Our machines are also equipped with an automatic bar feeder, allowing them to continue production even when unmanned.

Quality Control

We have all the measuring equipment necessary to check your product and deliver it according to your specifications, ensuring that we can guarantee your requested quality in-house. This also allows us to provide your products with measurement reports and material certificates.