HQ Plastics is a specialist in the field of plastic machining. Our core business is CNC machining using CNC turning, milling and combination machines. Our mission is to produce your desired end product in the most efficient way and according to your specifications. Our strength lies in the ability to manufacture anything from single pieces to medium-sized series, and in our commitment to short delivery times. In addition to plastic machining, we specialise in welding, finishing and assembly of plastic products. Where necessary, we can provide your products with measurement reports and corresponding material certificates. Your products can also be cleaned to the desired class in-house. We operate in various market segments, including the semiconductor, mechanical engineering, packaging, food and pharmaceutical industries.


HQ Plastics is your partner in plastic machining and offers several services. We strive to be more than just a plastics manufacturer by also providing additional services, allowing us to be the most complete partner possible. By offering services such as plastic welding, finishing, assembly and even cleanroom solutions, HQ Plastics can be your complete partner. We place a high value on the customer, the product, and on minimising our environmental footprint.


HQ Plastics is committed to responsible manufacturing and delivery in multiple areas. We achieve this through various methods, such as cooperating with other parties to recycle residual materials or reuse/repair manufactured materials or products.


HQ Plastics is a fast-growing organisation that places a high value on building a close-knit team. Due to our constant growth, we are always looking for enthusiastic and motivated people to join us.

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